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X4 : eXtreme Warfare v3.0RC5 1.0.0

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About This File

X4 : eXtreme Support Crew About X4 : eXtreme Warfare: The eXtreme mod is created by Wizard220. Back in the Call of Duty United Offensive days, he handed eXtreme over to Astoroth, who modified the mod to run on CoD2. The game was released October 10th 2005 and the first eXtreme+ modification was born October 13th 2005. The “+” indicated the beginning of a new exciting era. Astoroth has since “retired” from CoD modding and handed full reigns over to the extreme+ Support Crew. The first version of X4 : eXtreme Warfare was released 2008-01-01.

An extensive but still incomplete list of exiting features in X4 : eXtreme Warfare:
·1 UAV, Airstrike, Helicopter, Napalm
·2 -- Ability to set the amount of streaks
·3 AC130 Gunship 25mm Gattling Gun
·4 AC130 Gunship 40mm Cannon
·5 AC130 Gunship 105mm Cannon
·6 Nuclear Warhead Airstrike/End Map
·7 Stealth Bomber Run
·8 Sentry Gun
·9 Fix Maprotation
·10 Random Maprotation
·11 Rotate map if empty
·12 Map Rotation Stacker
·13 Healthbar
·14 Drop health
·15 Bleeding with messages and sounds
·16 Firstaid system
·17 Turrets On or Off
·18 Turret Overheating system
·19 Minigun Replacement
·20 Detailed Helicopter Settings
·21 Drop Grenades
·22 Weapon Damage Modifiers
·23 Drop Weapon on Arm/Leg hit
·24 NameChecker
·25 Unknown Soldier
·26 AntiCamping system
·27 eXtreme Obituary's
·28 Vote Menu Delay/Limiter
·29 Laserdot
·30 Spawn Protection
·31 Hardcore settings
·32 Hardcore UAV ·33 Invisible Spawn Protection
·34 Live Player Stats
·35 eXtreme Logo
·36 Announcement Sounds
·37 Firstblood
·38 Player connect/disconnect
·39 Range Finder
·40 Welcome Messages
·41 Server Messages
·42 Display Map Rotation
·43 -- Next map and gametype
·44 Teambalance Messages on or off
·45 Bots for developers
·46 Redirect
·47 Multiple Forced Clientside Dvars
·48 Various Hiticon
·49 Jump Height Limiter
·50 Fall damage Modifiers
·51 Bob Factor
·52 Dead Bodies Sink After death
·53 Hardcore mode with Forced UAV
·54 Old School MW
·55 Enhanced URL redirect
·56 VOIP display
·57 Hip Shooting Monitor
·58 Antirun monitor
·59 Closekill Protection
·60 Full Warfare
·61 Manned Helicopter
·62 Bonus Point system
·63 This is not an exhausted list of features!

X4 : eXtreme currently supports the following game types:
Game Type Description
DM Stock Death Match.
DOM Stock Domination.
KOTH Stock Headquarters.
SAB Stock Sabotage.
SD Stock Search & Destroy.
WAR Stock Team Death Match.
CTF Custom Capture the Flag
CTFB Custom Capture the Flap Back
HTF Custom Hold the Flag

Full compatibility on Call of Duty 4 stock game types, and custom game types prepared for the X4 : eXtreme Warfare mod. Not all game types supported by the X4 : eXtreme Warfare mod are supported by custom maps, and vice versa.

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